02 October 2007

So much pink, so little money...

Pink is not a colour I wear a lot, the odd item here and there perhaps but mostly it's a clothing colour best left to my 12 year old daughter. It is however a colour I like elsewhere, much to The English Boyfriend's dismay, and when I found this site the horror on his face was a joy to behold! I tell you a girl can never have too many pink kitchen implements! My soon-to-be-married best friend has already put in a request for a pink toaster as an engagement present!

Daylight Savings

So Daylight Savings has begun, and as much as I love the longer daylight hours I spend the first few days in a perpetual state of zombiedom while my body clock adjusts. In years past the beginning of Daylight Savings marked the point when it began to feel like summer, but as they've moved the start earlier and earlier in the year it's become increasingly difficult to believe that summer is just around the corner when the heavens are doing a convincing imitation of Niagara Falls and the outdoor furniture is being blown across the deck by the gale-force winds!

In other news I'm abuzz with excitement as we're off to the Marilyn Manson concert tomorrow night. However I am wondering if the fact that we're in the 'seated' section, due to one of our group suffering from a bad back and another (me that is) being nervous of crowds, qualifies us as 'old farts'! Still, should be good.