20 August 2008

No matter what anybody else says, my son thinks I'm cool!

Being a parent is guaranteed to present you with moments that tug at your heartstrings, and when I read this story that my son brought home from school I had tears in my eyes! Here it is, and aside from some capitalisation I've recreated it in all of its glory (note the variety of ways 'piercing' is spelt - love it!):

My mum silly and clumsy. She is very smart and she has lots of anmils. Tom her boyfriend is very smart too. My mum loves the computer and she is very nice her faverite website is NeoPets she is very good at it. She has one son (aka me) and one daughter (aka Shannon my sister). My mum is very happy she had us. She has black/red hair. She has a belly button pieceing three ear pircings and one tounge percing. She is very cool her name is Selina. She has a part time job I love my mum she is the best.

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