03 November 2007

Get me some of that bunny lovin'

It is no secret that I am a sucker for small fluffy animals, and by logical extension for websites about small fluffy animals - the cuter the better. Ok so it's hardly original, wherever you go on the internet these days it seems you're only a click away from a photo of something fluffy with an amusing caption. One site I discovered recently however has changed my life (yes dammit lifechanging). I've been a bunny owner for several years now, but until I found Disapproving Rabbits, I could never quite understand why it was I always felt slightly nervous of my bunnies. Well now I know - it's because they disapprove! They disapprove of me, they disapprove of my children, they disapprove of their quarters, they disapprove of what I feed them - they just disapprove of everything!

As proof of this, here is a picture of Marky-Mark, who disapproves of his name (don't blame me, my kids aren't old enough to remember Mark Wahlburg before he was cool) and fiercely
disapproves of being given a bath.

And in other news of a bunny nature, Patches our black and white rabbit has spent the last few nights shacking up in the hutch of our neighbour's rabbit, in the hopes of there soon being the pitter patter of tiny bunny paws. Bunny breeding is not difficult, in fact I would venture to say breathing is more difficult than getting rabbits to shag! Patches was no exception, and within seconds of being in the cage was on top of Scamper going at it like the proverbial something that goes at it a lot. The bunny lovin' lasted well into the night, with Patches eventually becoming so exhausted that he fell asleep on top of Scamper. Of course we all had to watch as this took place - myself, my neighbour and our children. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that small children watching bunnies copulating is eventually going to result in crudity, and sure enough later that evening we heard my son yell out "look at me I'm Patches", and turned in time to see him on all fours on the trampoline making frantic jiggy movements with his hips.

Sigh. If the school rings I'll pretend I'm the housekeeper!

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