03 November 2007

The joys of being a step-dad

My kids adore The Eccentric English Boyfriend, and despite his steadfast refusal to be called a 'stepdad' he has most definitely become part of our nuclear family. There are many reasons for the kids' adoration, apart from the obvious stuff about him being lovely: with his 6 foot, broad-shouldered viking build he's like a giant playground for them, he buys them cool stuff, has a ridiculously silly sense of humour, and most importantly - despite his intelligence and intellect he really is just a big kid at heart. As an example, the following:

EEB was at the computer recently playing a game, with 8 year old son and the kid from across the road standing either side of him. Being small boys they took great delight in commenting on his playing (along the lines of "wow you suck at this" and "I can play this waaaaaaaaaay better than you can"). Once they got tired of insulting him they started on each other - "you're a stupid bum", "well you're a doo-doo brain" and other equally cutting remarks. After a while the sheer inanity of the conversation became just too much for EEB, and in the midst of a volley of "you're a poo-poo head", "no you're a poo-poo head", "no YOU'RE a poo-poo head" I heard him yell "YOU'RE BOTH POO-POO HEADS!".

Ahhhhh, such verbosity, such articulateness, such a broad vocabulary. You can see why I love 'im!

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